Tuesday, November 10, 2015


Having a heat condition is like having a three year old living inside your chest.  Some days you want to pull it out, tell it to settle down and behave, no one wants to listen to this.  This would be a bad day or maybe an in-between day.

Let me explain.  There are good days and there are bad days.  Then there are those in-between days. Days may start out glorious, then turn to a fecal splattered experience.  Or they start out slow and painful, but eventually turn out pretty good.  They may start AND STAY mucho grande good!

Rejoice in the good days - play - remember how good it is to conquer the world or at least climb the stairs without having to stop because the three year old inside your chest starts jumping up and down. These are the days you wake up, breathe deep, and SMILE.  It feels so good to just be and to just be without some weirdness residing inside the upper torso.

On the bad days, sit down, care for yourself, reflect on what you have accomplished and what you have left that you WANT to do.  These are the days to be selfish, maybe even cry a little.  let your tensions, fears, and emotional pain out for a walk.  Let them all roam free so they can settle back down and let you get on with this weird thing called life. Letting those feelings out releases tension within the body.  And guess what, releasing tension, very often lets all the body parts relax, even that damn misbehaving three year old.

Bad days are also one of the best times to think of YOU.  As women, we mostly think of THEM or OTHERS.  We really, really need to think of ourselves more often.  Sides, what are the others or them going to do if we aren't around.  So, think about the things you want to do, places you want to see, music you want to hear.  Then on those good days, cross something off your list.

So while our hearts can be misbehaving children, let us remember we too can misbehave.  Take care of that torso bound three year old, the rest of the body and spirit.  Lastly:


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